Wednesday, April 8, 2015

Beauty pageant and the corporate sector

There is something strikingly similar between beauty pageant and the corporate sector.

Both are considered evil. They represent precisely what the so called "Indian Culture" and Indian Constitution proscribe.

The Saffron brigade and the Ulemas cry themselves hoarse in criticizing this blind imitation of west which is destroying our basic values. (I dont know if there's any other issue there they come together!). "Good girls don't do such (tawdry) stuff" is a widely held belief.

Similarly, a corporation is almost always seen as the incarnation of Satan whose only job is to suck the blood of poor Indians and amass wealth, something that goes against our culture that eulogizes austerity and constitution which has Socialism enshrined into it.

Yet when the winners of these 'desi' beauty pageants go on to participate in Miss World or Miss Universe contests, they suddenly become a matter of National pride. If she wins, she becomes the ambassador of the Indian culture to the world!

And when a Tata Motors acquire Jaguar Land Rover (JLR) or an Apollo Tyres bids to buy Cooper Tire, the nation suddenly slumps into multiple orgasms! The feeling of pride and nationality is so high that it can probably only be surpassed if India beats Pakistan in a cricket world cup final.

From saboteurs of nation and its values to being national icons, that's hell of a leap!