Thursday, January 23, 2014

Disparity aur Raasta!

Yesterday, I went to Raasta cafe, one of the very famous clubs in Hauz Khas Village.
vahaan jo maine dekha, usse dekh kar mujhe ehsaas hua ki Bhaartiya Samaaj main kis hadd tak DISPARITY fail chuki hai.

The table on which I was sitting was occupied by 6 BEAUTIFUL girls (Now don't give me that shit of 'everybody is beautiful'. At least show some respect for their Makeup and minis! :P  )
One of them was the Birthday Girl. These girls, From Amity University, categorically chose this birthday bash to be a GIRLY AFFAIR!

and there it dawned upon me...
na jaane kitne ladke har saal Vaishno Devi ki yatra karte hain, man main bas ek muraad liye, ki he devi maiyaa, bas ek bandi se setting kara de". Na jaane kitne somwaar ka vrat rakha hoga isi tamanna main.

May have been going to Jaipur Literature Festival for the past 5 years, religiously, with this indomitable spirit that may be, this time around, they will find some hot chick and the things will go beyond just discourses! ;)
na jaane kitni beer apne DUDE-TYPE doston ko pila di hogi, sirf isi ummeed main ki vo apni kisi ek ex-girlfriend se introduction kara de!

And here you have....not 1, not 2 but 6 girls, in their early twenties, having a gala time, not missing the company of guys even an iota. On the contrary, happy to have "got rid of them"!

hey Insaaf ki devi, apni aankhon se kaali patti utaro! is bhaari vishamta ko dekh kar tumhaara dil bhi karaah uthega! ;)

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