Thursday, December 5, 2013

When AAP made History...

This day - 4th December - will go down in the history of Indian Democracy.

Witnessing how an year old party could unfurl the latent desire for change among Delhiites, compelling them to vote in swathes was a sheer delight. It's historic irrespective of the fact whether Aam Aadmi Party (AAP) 'sweeps' these elections or not. That, in any case, we'll come to know on 8th Dec.

I can recall what Ravish Kumar, of NDTV India, said few days back when he was covering one of the rallies of Arvind Kejriwal, "इतिहास बना देने और इतिहास बन जाने में सिर्फ एक मात्रा का फर्क होता है।" (there is a difference of only one syllable in creating history and becoming history)

Kejriwal did both; he created history and in the process, made this day historical. Never before Delhi had voted so hysterically as they did today; voting went on till as late as 9:30-10 PM. Never before youngsters participated so enthusiastically in a banal event like assembly elections; it appeared more like a Delhi University's Youth Nexus this time. Never before the posh and hence aloof islands, in an otherwise middle-class sea of Delhi, participated in this mainstream democratic ritual putting aside their ego and cynicism.

Glad I was, I updated 4-5 election related statuses on Facebook which got me 60-70 'likes' and the day went by in this merriment. But deep down inside I knew, it was just an attempt to fill a gaping void, a cover-up to a yearning which has been there in my heart for almost an year now but irked me the most today.

Or probably it was a safety-valve to the steam of frustration in my mind of being a mere SPECTATOR from being one of the founding-volunteers of a movement which subsequently wrote today's history. Of course, I did contribute with some ink (quite literally!) in writing this epic by casting my vote this morning, but there was so much more I wanted to do.

"Why wasn't I among those 'maverick-Davids' who took on, not just one but two, 'mighty-Goliaths' with effectively nil financial muscle, banking almost entirely on their agenda, refreshing ideas, strategy and celestial self-belief!"

It's ironic that a career choice - Journalism - which I largely owe to my involvement as a volunteer in the IAC or India Against Corruption Movement (which is the progenitor of AAP) would de-facto prohibit me from participating more actively in this battle.

Afterall, a journo is expected to maintain his objectivity which one may jeopardize, at least seemingly, with closeness to any one political party. And for a journo, losing objectivity is as good (or bad) as corruption.
A 'Catch 22' situation for me indeed.

Though awe-inspiring and unprecedented, what AAP fought today was only a battle; war is yet to be fought and won. Let's see how the things unfold in the future and where I find myself at that time - in the stands or in the field, kicking a**! Amen.


  1. A good read bro..I wonder how your career choice of journalism sprouted from your interest in the anti-corruption movement. It could've been law as well, considering that with the knowledge and degree of law, one has direct access to seeking justice for oneself; its a profession which can be practiced along side one's political career (ex. tonnes of ministers all over..jaitley, singhvi, jethmalani, ashwani kumar, manish tewari...the list goes on ); also one of the members of the IAC/AAP core committee is a snr.advocate/son of ex-law minister, as well..
    But you know its never too late to pick up the law degree..

    1. Thanks Parth.
      Very few people know that i also studied LLB at Law Centre 2, DU before choosing journalism at IIMC. and it was a difficult choice to make.
      i totally buy ur point that a law degree can be a single most powerful accomplishment in ur pursuit of justice and i will take a firm note of ur point...its never too late to pick up the law degree! :) cheers

  2. In fact, i believe journalism can bring much difference than law. Legal procedures are far delayed and often disheartening.
    At the age of 35, I am trying my luck in journalism and to prove my credentials, i started with blog
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  3. Bhai hum bhi keh keh ke thak gaye logo se jhaadoo chalao but seems there r still many more people who dont want to believe, or maybe decades of deception has instilled cynicism as a personality trait in us,, so I think it'll take time to start believing again,, till then, more than AAP, its the supporters who have to persevere

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