Saturday, April 6, 2013

Why I like Yo Yo Honey Singh

But before I tell you that, checkout the lyrics of this song from the movie "Gangster" -

tu hi meri shab hai subha hai tu hi din hai mera
tu hi mera rab hai jahaan hai tu hi meri duniya
tu waqt mere liye main hoon tera lamha
kaise rahega bhala hoke tu mujhse judaa
kaise rahunga bhala hoke main tujhse judaa

I know, I know, "this is my favorite some", you will say. However, to me, he sounds like a bigtime needy WUSS. Someone who never got lucky with any girl except this one 'Lady' over which he is going 'Gaga'. He is obsessed. He is ready to suck-up to her at the drop of a hat, after all she is his god.

And what if his 'god' asks him to fu*k off (which is highly likely cuz he is a wuss!)? Would he be able to bear that shock? May be not. Maybe he'll either gonna hurt himself or the girl. In fact, this 'obsession' is the root-cause of a lot of crimes against women - Molestation, Acid Attack, Murder, Rape, Date-rape et al.

Now in comparison, check out this lyrics from the song "Break-up Party" -

Tujhe bithake rakha tha maine raani palko pe
Tune maari thokar samjhi aa jaunga sadko pe
Na aisa na tu soch ri chori
Everyday my new love story
Pehle toh meri baat na gauri
Ab boli baby I'm sorry
Chal ri chal ab side me hoja
Dhundh le apna aashiq duja

it gets even dirtier after this but I guess this much should be enough to drive home a point.
I know, I know.... "how misogynistic he is", you will say. However, what you should filter out from these lines is the attitude.... the attitude of ABUNDANCE. which is the key. This attitude pulls you out from the abyss of wussiness to the world where you neither give nor take any sh*t from anybody.

You don't pedestalize the women no matter how smart, beautiful, intelligent, hot, rich (or all of the above) she may be. And by the way, there is a difference between not pedestalizing a woman and ill-treating her.

And when the things don't work out between the two for whatever reasons, you simply move on. No sulking, no whining, no sucking up to her, no obsession and its fallouts.

For conveying this attitude amidst all the wussiness, I like Honey singh.... Yo man. :)

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