Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Judicial Reforms???...Meri laash par!

This is my Neo Moment - when the 'Matrix' becomes clear!

at present, any crime done by politicians/bureaucrats/business tycoons (in short - anyone with Money, power and influence) lingers on and on and on till eternity while any crime done against them is heard straight in the Supreme Court. What an ideal scenario!

Speedy Redressal and High conviction rate can be the worst possible thing that can ever happen to our feudal government. And therefore, one thing that it would never ever want is ... JUDICIAL Reforms (Police Reforms is a corollary to it). It's not for nothing that India is still being run on 18th century Laws designed by the Britishers to essentially subvert us.

I can guarantee you that even if the entire nation demands it, the govt. will reply in this typical BOLLYWOOD style - Judicial Reforms tak pohochne ke liye tujhe meri laash par se guzarna hoga!

Sadly, govt. is not a's a system that can't be killed !

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