Tuesday, December 25, 2012

Death Vs Multiple 'Life'

would u like to agree with me if I say -

Instead of asking DEATH for a Rapist, Why not ask for LIFE? Not just one but many!!!
By life i mean life-term. 2 or 3 or more LIFE sentences running one after the other like a cascade(instead of running parallel).
So if the culprit gets three life terms, he remains in the jail for 14X3 = 42 yrs. which is gazillion times better than death !

Presently, no matter how many murders/Rapes a person has committed he gets only ONE life term and he is out after 14 yrs!!!

whatsay.... should we ask for it? if yes, then our SLOGAN from now on is -

Don't hang them, that's too simple,
give'em 'life', not 1 or 2 but multiple!

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