Saturday, December 29, 2012

Status Quo ... maintained!

Early this morning, the Delhi gang-rape victim died. The entire Nation is mourning however it's a blessing in disguise for the government.

Now they can do what the people want - HANG the Rapists.
without any major changes in Rape laws, any police or Judicial reforms. STATUS QUO maintained. that's what they want.

And when they will be hanged, it would be a moment of catharsis for all of us. Justice delivered. Sab theek hai. Status Quo maintained...till the next heinous rape happens. That's what the society at large want's too.

Tuesday, December 25, 2012

Death Vs Multiple 'Life'

would u like to agree with me if I say -

Instead of asking DEATH for a Rapist, Why not ask for LIFE? Not just one but many!!!
By life i mean life-term. 2 or 3 or more LIFE sentences running one after the other like a cascade(instead of running parallel).
So if the culprit gets three life terms, he remains in the jail for 14X3 = 42 yrs. which is gazillion times better than death !

Presently, no matter how many murders/Rapes a person has committed he gets only ONE life term and he is out after 14 yrs!!!

whatsay.... should we ask for it? if yes, then our SLOGAN from now on is -

Don't hang them, that's too simple,
give'em 'life', not 1 or 2 but multiple!

Sunday, December 23, 2012

Hypocrisy Reforms

I slept at 5 AM the night before but still got up at 8 to join the Protest against Delhi Gang-rape Case going on at RAJ PATH (Rashtrapati Bhavan to India Gate). I was there yesterday as well.
But today, my steps were heavy. I was ruminating restlessly while sitting in the metro. I reached Rajiv Chowk but I was still in a DILEMMA. Because...

I didn't belong there. I didn't subscribe to their demands (rather, rants). I don't think CASTRATION or execution is gonna have any impact on the number or heinousness of rapes.

The kind of recklessness and AGGRESSION men were showing there and the utter disregard of presence of girls while abusing Police, was more of an indicator of "what they are essentially made of".

If one idiot throws a water bottle on the cops, the entire mob just starts throwing bottles and rubbish and stones across the barricades. why? and this is just the tip of the iceberg of the mobbocricy over there.

While I respect the sentiment of the people but their ways of protesting and the solution that they are demanding (coyly amplified by the electronic media, without giving an iota of space to a contrarian view in the majority of their coverage) is not hitting the Bull's eye.

I think there are three major weapons to combat this rot (and crime in general) - two in the hands of the govt -
viz. POLICE Reforms (which will ensure honest investigation) and JUDICIAL Reforms (for speedy trial n conviction). Why not demand these two gems rather than two 'balls'?

And the third weapon, the 'Brhahmastra', is in our own hands; it's called HYPOCRISY Reforms. Till the time we keep worshiping goddess Laxmi, Saraswati, Durga etc to bless us with a son, till the time we ask our girls to behave like a 'girl', all the other reforms will only have a tokenish impact.

Coming back to the dilemma...I chose not to go.
good decision or weakness to stand for a cause ? I don't know.

Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Judicial Reforms???...Meri laash par!

This is my Neo Moment - when the 'Matrix' becomes clear!

at present, any crime done by politicians/bureaucrats/business tycoons (in short - anyone with Money, power and influence) lingers on and on and on till eternity while any crime done against them is heard straight in the Supreme Court. What an ideal scenario!

Speedy Redressal and High conviction rate can be the worst possible thing that can ever happen to our feudal government. And therefore, one thing that it would never ever want is ... JUDICIAL Reforms (Police Reforms is a corollary to it). It's not for nothing that India is still being run on 18th century Laws designed by the Britishers to essentially subvert us.

I can guarantee you that even if the entire nation demands it, the govt. will reply in this typical BOLLYWOOD style - Judicial Reforms tak pohochne ke liye tujhe meri laash par se guzarna hoga!

Sadly, govt. is not a's a system that can't be killed !