Friday, September 7, 2012

What's with Indian Women???

I - lets catch up?
she - sure
I - so what's ur number?
she - why do u need my number?

*I, amazed and dumbfound at the same moment.*

Seriously man, isn't a phone number the bare minimum to meet up? In which era exactly are we living?
Imagine, she doesnt turn up. What the f*** shd I do then? sit there till eternity and sing 'intehaan ho gayi intezar ki' or shd i rush to the nearest internet cafe and log into facebook and message her to know the reason of her 'punctuality' (which she will instantly reply) ??

There comes a show on Fox traveller - Whats with Indian Men - hosted by Sugandha Garg and Indrani Dasgupta. I think its time for another show - WHAT'S WITH INDIAN WOMEN???? (hosted by me!)


  1. There is no Like button for me to hit :(.
    But very nicely said ;)

    1. but i guess u made a good use of the comment option! ;)
      thanks man. n yeh...Happy Diwali. :)

  2. Ah, you forgot probably...there's always a facebook or better still twitter ;) I have sent you a mail today, so you know who I am !

  3. If a woman has to ditch you on a date, she will ditch you whether you have her number or not. To have her number doesn't guarantee a thing. It's sad that an inanimate object gives more confidence to people than people themselves.