Monday, August 20, 2012

Yamuna Expressway - A Paid Media Miracle

The Yamuna Expressway can best be termed as a 'Paid Media Miracle' cuz it's nowhere close to driver's delight. OK, the road is smooth but does that make it WORLD CLASS, claimed by virtually every other media?

NOT A SINGLE BLOODY PETROL PUMP in the entire 165KM stretch !!! isn't it amazing?

Its a lonely road, with hardly any security....especially at night; There are NO LIGHTS! Reflectors can't replace the street-lights, can they? So if your car breaks down you are left to the light of your mobile phones.
Just one or two Patrol vans can be spotted after miles - A zilch in the name of security. So if you are a gang of girls thinking of a trip to Taj, you need to think again.

And in case someone meets with an accident, he is doomed because there is hardly any medical assistance on the road. Very very few exit points...making it even harder to reach the nearest hospital and virtually no U-turn options once you cross the toll booth, so if you have to return in an emergency, you have to travel 50 KMs or more anyways.

The speed limit of 100kmph is firstly, absurd and secondly, just a scarecrow. Nobody gives a sh*t to it, especially the Audis, BMWs, Mercs and NANOs !! ;)

NH 2 is so much secure and lively, with Dhabas every 2 minutes among other facilities but be prepared to starve on the expressway because the restaurants at the "Public Conveniences" points are not yet functional.. Even Water is available on select points only.

It's certainly a big turn-off, NOT WORTH THE MONEY at all and definitely a strict NO-NO if you are with Family. Howcome not a single News paper/TV channel reported the darker side of this expressway...not even an iota?

Pls avoid this 'Jewel' altogether because In the day you might die of boredom on it, but in the night you might actually DIE !

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