Tuesday, March 20, 2012

The king of all Dosas - CTR's Banne Masala Dosa

Masterpiece in the making. Mahesh is the name of the chef.
If there is one dish which represents South India, it has to be Dosa. However, making Dosa is just like Photography, any monkey can click a photograph but it’s a different ball game altogether to come up with a master-piece, consistently.

Central Tiffin Rooms (CTR) on Margosa Road at Malleshwaram, Bangalore is one such place which has mastered the art of making Dosas to the hilt. Although, by the looks, it appears like an ordinary eating joint; No flashy signboards, no excessive d├ęcor. Probably this surprise element adds to the ultimate taste of its Dosas.
Pure taste, no jing-bang. Clear hai !
Notice the dark brown crispy crust.

The service is prompt and the ambience is pleasing. Within 5 minutes of ordering, my Banne Masala Dosa was in front of my eyes. 'Banne' in Kannad means butter. It wasn’t an ordinary dosa after-all.

Not only it tastes different, it looks different too. Unlike other lanky dosas that u get elsewhere, this one was crisp and dark. Thanks to the butter, the outer dark crust was glistening, almost giving the feel of a glass. It’s served with two types of coconut chutnys, one of them a bit spicy. But honestly they are redundant, the dosa itself is so delicious and filling.
Too engrossed in the taste to attend to the camera!

 Without any doubt, Banne Masala Dosa is CTR’s superstar but that doesn’t mean 'CTRwood' doesn’t have any other talented ‘actors’. Mangalore Bajji, which looks like meatballs, gives you a very unique yet relishing flavor of Bangalore. The Vada they serve also also a must have.

If you are a foodie CTR is one place which will satiate all your taste buds (at least vegetarian taste-buds). It's highly likely that your search of the perfect dosa might end here. Even if it doesn't, your bar will certainly be raised.

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