Sunday, February 20, 2011

Sariska – The land of Tigers

Scientists say that when you are travelling with the speed of light, the time slows down. But in my opinion, you don’t have to go that far, the time slows down when you Travel, irrespective of the speed! And this phenomenon of slowing down of time is directly proportional to the randomness of your trip, and the company of friends you are with!
It’s not a theoretical statement; it’s what I have practically experienced and if you are a traveler, I am sure you would agree.

The Plan was to visit Sariska Tiger Reserve in Alwar, Rajasthan. We were seven of which I knew only 2 in the beginning but that unfamiliarity vanished the moment “Magic Moments” was opened (I hope I need not elaborate on that!). The train dropped us at Alwar in the dead of the night. Athough initially we thought of spending the rest of the night at the station but unanimously trashed the idea and searched a budget hotel.  All our plans of goofing around the entire night were scrapped the moment we stretched ourselves on the bed!

The next morning we headed straight to Sariska Tiger Reserve. It was around an hour long bus journey from Alwar bus stand.  We hired an Open jeep and from there began our expedition to the Tiger Kingdom. But since we didn’t had a formal appointment, the king didn’t bother to meet us. But he was courteous enough to send his prime minister, Mr Leo Pard to welcome us!!! We bought batteries from a shop near a temple in the middle of the jungle which activated the dormant photographer in all of us. We clicked monkeys, Langurs, antelopes, foxes, birds, mountains, trees and what not.

Sariska is not a big forest so in 3-4 hours we were done with it. The next place on our list was Silised Lake. Unfortunately there wasn’t any public transport connecting the two places. But travelling golden rule 101 says that “if you can compromise on comfort you can reach anywhere in the world”. We adhered to this golden rule and took a lift in a truck loaded with gunny bags. Since there wasn’t enough space in the driver’s cabin, four of us sat on the top, over the gunny bags! The wind blows your mind away (literally!) and makes you practically deaf! The truck dropped us at a diversion from where the Lake was 4-5 KM ahead but we didn’t get 2nd time lucky and had to walk all the way! And I am glad that we did walk and enjoy the scenic beauty in a laid-back manner rather than zipping away. It’s the same difference as there is between sipping the wine and gulping the wine!

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