Monday, January 24, 2011

Wave 4: Death Defying Dive

(Netravali to Dudhsagar)

the Majestic waterfalls n a mortal in the middle who survived !

We (me & Vishnu) had heard a lot of “good stuff” about Dudhsagar waterfalls and just didn’t want to miss that at any cost therefore we were cycling like crazy despite a jungle terrain. But as luck would have it, the last tourist jeep bid adieu when we reached at the waterfalls and, quoting the famous hindi song, “Dil ke armaa aansuon main beh gaye, hum haaf-haaf  ke bhi tanhaan reh gaye”.

Dudhsagar after the sunset

Once we recovered from that setback, we were swept away by the glory of the falls. I couldn’t restrain myself for long from diving into the pool beneath the falls. I was totally “chilled out” and scared (ironic!!). Well, ‘Chilled out’ or frozen because the water was freakin ice cold and scared because on my left was a list of 9-10 people who died while swimming there. Thankfully I didn’t add to that list! The rest of the group came there late in the evening and photography session resumed yet again.

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