Monday, January 24, 2011

Goa Travel Diaries - Biking Expedition

After living all my life so far on land, I finally saw what covers ¾th of the Earth’s surface - Sea - in Goa. And also witnessed a very interesting phenomenon – Tides. Sometimes they are low and sometimes they are high. My Goa trip also happened in two phases- Awesome high tide n dramatic low tide.

The high tide phase was the “Goa Biking Expedition” days. Each day was a massive “wave” which hit me with its incredible force and drenched me completely. The low tide phase was the post biking days when I was on my own. But its low tide only in comparison to the biking days, otherwise it too had some amazing moments scattered in between.

Unlike most of my trips, which are impromptu, this one was well planned (??) and tickets were bought (not confirmed!) a month ahead. On the D-day I boarded my train at the 11th hour (do we have a better phrase than this cuz my train started moving 3 seconds after I boarded!). I was sleeping when my Station (Thivim) arrived. I wore my jacket, picked my bag and rushed to the door like a kid rushes out of the class when the recess bell goes off. The train started moving 3 seconds after!! I reached the base camp at Miramar, Panjim at 9:30 PM.
The biking group GB-5. (from left)- Lata, Vishnu, Dhruv, Suresh,
Archna, me, Somashekar, Dinesh, Asha, Kumudini & Pawan

Things started happening the next day when the group members got acquainted with each other.  11 Bikers – 4 from Mumbai, 3 from Bangalore, 2 from Hyderabad and 2 from Delhi – most of them riding geared bikes (Merida) for the first time!

Enough of flirting’s time to take off the clothes….afterall the beach is calling and the Waves are coming!

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