Sunday, November 21, 2010

how I parked my cycle - a Trade Fair Tale

After the Half marathon, me and my friends planned to visit the Trade Fair. Since i couldn't find a parking at "Race course" metro station (nearest from Nehru Park - Half marathon venue), i thought of riding till Pragati Maidan while my friends safely took the Metro !
surprisingly, I reached a good 15 min before them but the regular parking at gate 10 was full and the cycle stand was only meant for the cycles on rent. I was directed towards gate no. 2.

At gate no. 2 i asked for parking from a 'mahila' police constable. She smirked at me and then showed me the way. she said, "100 rupaye ki parking hai". i cudnt get it initially due to the noise n kept going but when i realised what she said i applied the front brakes in a reflex; the handle rammed into my crotch!

I went on towards the parking anyhow. However, the parking guys declined to give me a parking slip (first, they even declined to let me park) and the parking charges (without any guarantee )......Rs 20. (10 times of what the display board was showing, yes... 2 rupees only !)

I approached the Police sitting a couple of meters away. the officer (see the shift..instead of 'thulla' i m referring him as officer !!) surprisingly was helpful. he rebuked the parking guy in his typical haryanvi ishtyle, " हां भई, पार्किंग चलाणी है के ना चलाणी" (u guys wanna run ur parking or not). "कौन सा मांग रा है इस्से बीस रुपे? " (who is asking 20 rupees from him?"). The parking guy was totally taken aback and got into an immediate diffensive mode. 
another officer joined in later and he added ," भाई साईकिल खू गी तो बिना पर्ची के कौन जिम्मेदारी लेगा और ऊपर से फोरेनर !!!!! " ( without the slip, who will take the responsibility if the cycle got lost and that too of a foreigner !). Foreigner ????? are you kidding me ? well, he is not to be blamed entirely. With shaved head, an alien looking helmet in hand and a bike with all those gear jing-bang....i was probably confusing many. i had to explain him in hindi that i am not a foreigner!

yeh, at the end of this drama, i did parked my bike , got the parking ticket of a motorcycle with "CYCLE" written over it at 5 (n not 10) times the govt rate i.e 10 rupees !

PS: Gul Panag can find solace in the fact that she was not the only one "molested" that day; i was molested too, only i enjoyed it !! 


  1. Incredible India!!

  2. nice! wat did you buy from trade fair?