Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Dogs and Debit cards not allowed!

Well the website didn’t say that categorically but it pretty much meant the same.

This week I planned to book 2 tickets for "Robot"(movie) on 'Book My Show' but I was denied because my Debit Card doesn’t have a CVV no. ! (click on the link if u want to know more about this no.). I don’t care if it’s the fault of the website not to accept a card without Cvv or it's the fault of the bank which issued me such a card in the first place but the bottom line is I couldn’t see the movie and now I have to face the fury of Rajinikant, I hope he doesn’t take a bite off of my head just like he has done with the Apple Logo (who else do you suspect should have done such a thing !!)
I don’t understand this step-motherly treatment given to debit cards. Aren’t they getting money when someone pays through debit card? Don’t they know that some debit cards don’t have CVV no.? And if they know why don’t they make some changes in their website to facilitate it? Or if its not safe to transact online without CVV no., what stops the wretched banks to issue cards with this no.?

Late C K Prahlad said that fortune is at the bottom of the pyramid but is anyone listening to him? Just imagine how many more ‘gauravs’ would be there in this country with CVV-less Debit cards who are willing to buy online and contribute to the ‘white money’ of the country but forced to buy tickets in black! Well, 'Book my show' didn’t lose me just for Robot but for all Rajini/non-Rajini movies henceforth.

Mr. commerce minister, if you want the e-commerce to grow in India, please ask RBI to lend money to OBC at a rate which is 2% higher than the rate for other banks as a punishment for issuing me a CVV-less Debit Card and direct Book My Show to allow me book tickets till I get a new Credit card/Debit card with CVV no. and also give me two complimentary movie tickets for Robot.

Democracy shall truly prevail in India when Debit cards would be given an equal status as that to Credit Cards. Amen!

(PS: till the time this post went public, i still haven't seen Robot !!)

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