Monday, September 20, 2010

One Step Closer

Yeh, I'm one step closer ……………… one step closer to the Taj (Agra). And this momentous occasion was marked by the successful completion of the ride to Murthal (Google it to know where it is!) at a phenomenal speed (for an Amateur).

I know you wont google it so, to give you a fair idea, Murthal is on NH1 (better known As GT Road), north of Delhi. I am sure you must have heard of Sonipat; Murthal is few KMs ahead of it.

'missa parantha' with freshly whipped cream ! yummy !!
The day started unbelievably early. In fact, most of you must be having a really awesome sleep/time when I woke up, thanks to Vinay, one of our 3 member “strong” gang – me, him and Anand!

Well, I won’t bog you down with the details of what we did and what we saw on the way except that on reaching Murthal, we had a sumptuous breakfast at “Ahuja’s No.1 Dhaba”. I guess you certainly want to know the details of the breakfast at least, don’t you? Well, so be it. It was Paranthas (of various kinds viz. Paneer, aaloo, missa, mix etc) loaded with freshly whipped cream, Dal makhni, Dahi and Lassi(specially for me. Others chose tea)
me and Vinay at Ahuja Dhaba after the breakfast

Though it was tough to start immediately after having such a heavy and sleep inducing breakfast but as they say, when it gets tough, the tough gets going. (Applause!!)

Let me issue a disclaimer before I move any further.

Disclaimer - Everything which I am narrating here is precisely how it happened and not scripted or dramatized in any way!

So, on our way back, I suddenly heard a faint whistle. On deeper inspection, I came to know that it was my tyre. I must praise my bike for its consistency; for it was third flat-tyre-weekend in a row. Bravo! Puncture shop was 2 KMs ahead. But a messiah in the guise of a Tractor-driver emerged out of the horizon to semi-resurrect my bike, the other half was completed to perfection by the mechanic!

On reaching our destination (Dhaula Kuan) at around 11:30, we celebrated the fantastic ride with a much deserved Beer. The ride tracking devices were telling that we covered a staggering distance of 113 KMs in an impressive time of 4h:58m at an Avg. speed of 23 Km/h burning a mind-boggling 4000 calories! (To give you something to compare with – an average human being needs 2000 calories in an entire day!!!)

the route and other details as per the GPS device. technology my friend, technology !!
  For Anand and Vinay, it was the end of the ride but for me, there were still few Kms left before I could reach home and park my bike.


  1. you always mesmerize me with all your creativity and never say die reading your blogs as they always have something far beyond one's imagination yet so real ^_^
    keep up the spirits and beties for your future expeditions....
    P.S. will be waiting for your next blog on "tour de Agra"

  2. well, the fact of the matter is, you have mesmerized me with your fantastic comment.
    "far beyond one's imagination yet so real" it's profound. i can see an accomplished write in you!!

    and ya, the Taj ride is certainly on! u wont have to wait too long. Amen!

  3. looks like i missed the paranthas more than the ride.. :D
    keep clocking those miles, it makes u a better person every day :)

    PS: in the pic i could see that u r not wearing a helmet, i hope u have got one now..