Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Delhi Metro is "BROKEN"

Yesterday I saw a video by Seth Godin (an illustrious blogger, marketer and speaker) on TED.com speaking about his venture “This is Broken” - A project to make businesses more aware of their customer experience, and how to fix the snags in it. (to see the video, click TED.com)

I realized that even Delhi metro is “broken”. We all must have heard that announcement – “please mind the gap (while getting off)” and we also must have seen those stickers warning us not to put our hands on the glass of the sliding doors.

What I don’t understand is that If they know that the gap can potentially handicap or even kill a small kid (who can’t make sense of the announcement) or the sliding doors can break somebody’s fingers if he accidentally put his hand on the glass (considering how crowded metro can get, its quite likely), why don’t they do something about it? Just making a repeated and annoying announcement (which most people totally ignore) or putting up a sticker is not gonna fix it.

Why can’t the metro trains have a projection at the base of the door which comes out when the train stops at the station and cover up the gap! (Hey Mr. Cynic, don’t you say it’s too hypothetical)

Or, why don’t they increase the thickness of the glass so that no gap remains between the surface of the door and the surface of the the glass in which a person can get his hand trapped when the doors slide open!

It’s very much possible but they simply don’t care. They just want to fulfill their responsibility by a sticker or an announcement. Mr. E Sreedharan, our metro is broken, would u mind fixing it please?

Monday, September 20, 2010

One Step Closer

Yeh, I'm one step closer ……………… one step closer to the Taj (Agra). And this momentous occasion was marked by the successful completion of the ride to Murthal (Google it to know where it is!) at a phenomenal speed (for an Amateur).

I know you wont google it so, to give you a fair idea, Murthal is on NH1 (better known As GT Road), north of Delhi. I am sure you must have heard of Sonipat; Murthal is few KMs ahead of it.

'missa parantha' with freshly whipped cream ! yummy !!
The day started unbelievably early. In fact, most of you must be having a really awesome sleep/time when I woke up, thanks to Vinay, one of our 3 member “strong” gang – me, him and Anand!

Well, I won’t bog you down with the details of what we did and what we saw on the way except that on reaching Murthal, we had a sumptuous breakfast at “Ahuja’s No.1 Dhaba”. I guess you certainly want to know the details of the breakfast at least, don’t you? Well, so be it. It was Paranthas (of various kinds viz. Paneer, aaloo, missa, mix etc) loaded with freshly whipped cream, Dal makhni, Dahi and Lassi(specially for me. Others chose tea)

Saturday, September 11, 2010

Clean Delhi Drive - an Art of living initiative

 This day was certainly one of the most eventful days of my life. I never expected rag picking would be so exciting; I really envy the sweeper of my street now!!!

The day started quite contrary to what I had planned. We had a weekend cycle ride to gurgaon and I was supposed to meet my friends at McD, South Ex at 6AM but I found myself still in bed at that time when my alarm finally managed to wake me up. I have something to learn from my Alarm….”Never Quit”!

Hoping to catch them at Radisson hotel on NH-8, I set off on my TREK (cycle) from Dwarka and reached before they could (I’ve got speed, bro!). Incidentally they were having a tea break at IFFCO chowk so covering up a few KMs more to their resting place didn’t sound a bad idea, apparently. But, it was a bad idea because I got a flat tire just 200 mts before I could reach there. It was 7:45 AM and if that wasn’t a reason good enough not to find a cycle repair shop; it was a triple holiday- Ganesh’s b’day, Eid and ..and….9/11 anniversary!!

I thought of going back to Dwarka in a DTC bus but I had little idea of how strict but surprisingly polite the conductors were while rejecting my request to carry my bike along with me.
Till now that puncture had cost me 1 hour n still I was absolutely clueless of what to do until a rikshaw walla guided me to sec 17 market where I could get lucky. Well, I got double lucky, there was a repair kiosk and just next to it, a Girls’ PG !!

While I was whiling away my time, I called Neeraj, someone who was associated with Clean Delhi Drive (CDD) and I came to know that it was going on right under my nose; at IFFCO Chowk. There was no time to lose.