Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Pedaling my way to office

It’s said that to accomplish something, there should be perfect alignment between your mind and your body but for the past few weeks, this coordination was eluding me despite my repeated attempts. But things went beyond my tolerance limit (which apparently is quite wide!) yesterday and I decided that today is the day when ‘it’ has to be done or it won’t be done ever.
The decision was to go to my office on cycle. To give you the idea, I live in Dwarka and my office is in gurgon, some 25KM from my place. Well, that’s only a very vague guess because till this date I never cared to note the meter reading from my home to the office!
According to the plan, the alarm was set at 6 in the morning and as all alarms infamously do, it went off sharp at 6. But I only managed to pay heed to its continual calls at 7:15.  The plan was almost screwed because I was left with only 15 minutes before the scheduled departure at 7:30 so that I may reach the office at around 9 (if I could, that is). Without even changing my clothes, I just packed my backpack with a t-shirt, pants, formal shoes and most importantly, my deodorant! At 7:45, when my mom and dad weren’t there, I slipped away to my office on my cycle. Unfortunately by that time, the sun was already there to take ‘good care’ of me for the rest of the journey.
When you are on a cycle you become fearless of jams, infact you love them because this gives you a dose of ego-boost when you effortlessly move through the gaps between the cars while they haplessly remain stranded. some 'wise' men say that girls love it when someone looks at them with 'appreciative' eyes, while guys love it when someone looks at their girl with those appreciative eyes but with me things are bit wacky. I love the 'bewildered' eyes of the person sitting in the car moving next to me while I am pedaling at full throttle with my torso bent forward. And if by gods grace, that bewildered eyed person happens to be a girl, even better. This supercharges me like nothing else; even Gatorade can't beat it.

When I was just a couple of kilometers away from my office, I almost came on the verge of throwing up but thankfully I didn’t but it was reason enough for me to stop under a shady tree and sip nariyal paani. here, I was conned by either the vendor or the god because the rugby ball shaped nariyal which i chose so meticulously had lesser water in it than what i can hold in my hands!  When I reached my office, I was totally drenched in sweat. I hit the washroom of the Galeria Complex (where my office is) to change because I felt too awkward to go to office in a t-shirt and extremely short shorts! I reached office at 9:10, a good 20 min earlier than other days and the rest as they say is historical!

(PS: After signing off for the day at 7pm, I grabbed my cycle, which I had parked at a shady and secluded place, only to find that its rear tyre was punctured. But this flat tyre gave me the opportunity to see a colony of Rikshaw pullers for the first time in my life where I got the puncture work done. The name of the place was ‘Alasiya mod’ in literal sense – lethargic turn! Well it needs a separate post to describe the scenic beauty of that colony but one scene stood out of the rest. At a tea shop, a movie was tuned on a small colour TV and there were like 25 – 30 people watching it with rapt attention; the scene, featuring Shakti Kapoor and a girl at his mercy deserved that attention after all. That was their very own PVR plaza.)


  1. hey....thats cool...
    we have got many things to learn from u....Mr Armstrong....Lance Armstrong...not Niel..I guess u r nt planning to step on moon with ur cycle....

  2. naah..the terrain of the moon is too rough, moreover, i drink lots of water while i cycle n i m afraid there aint any water on the moon. when NASA will find water over there, then i may give it a shot !! ;)