Saturday, April 10, 2010

My One Night Stand - Expedition to Tilyar Lake, Rohtak.

If we admit that human life can be ruled by reason, the possibility of life is destroyed." ------ Chris McCandless aka Alexander supertramp, (Into the wild)

Movies inspire life, very true indeed; at least I can vouch for that. After I watched the movie “Into the wild”, I just couldn’t remain sitting on my bums. I had to go somewhere I had never been before and experience how it feels like. I wanted to try my limits. I knew that I can cycle a distance of 40 KM without facing much difficulty but I didn’t know how far I can go beyond it. This time, I set my upper limit to 100 KM and I googled precisely that – “places worth visiting within 100KM from Noida”. It threw up many results but I couldn’t make my mind. Soon I left to college but the bug didn’t die. After having a session of “I-know-nothing-teach-me-Finance” with my friend Azhar and Garry, it was time to go home, only if I could.

I searched again and decided to see Tilyar Lake at……………….Rohtak. It Qualified on all the parameters- within 100 KM (91.3 KM to be precise), Swimming Option, and easy on budget. I packed some Chocolates, a ParleG, orbit white and a water bottle before setting off to this Lake where Exotic birds would be waiting eagerly for me (no pun intended). It was 11PM then...more......

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  1. Jain saab. Really wonderful post. liked it a lot. I wish i do things like this but u know i am one of those who believe in materialistic world. Happy that u finally did what "into The wild" taught us i.e., "Happiness is real when shared". Keep going dude.

  2. That is quite an experience that you had! That for sharing this with us and Tilyar Lake is a great place to spend time . Here are a few more places to visit in Rohatk that can be explored as well.